About ISN

ISN hopes to unify Iranian-American students of UC Santa Cruz in order to form an educational and social environment where Iranians can embrace their country's culture and history. This group's purpose is to bring together Iranian-Americans to celebrate and embrace our lavish heritage while promoting a strong sense of identity and community. We hope to spread awareness of our Iranian heritage on our campus and plan to host some cultural events throughout the year.

Current Leadership

Name E-mail
Bardia Keyoumarsi bkeyouma@ucsc.edu
Dara Rouholiman drouholi@ucsc.edu
Neda Ronaghi nronaghi@ucsc.edu
Keemia Kaboli kkaboli@ucsc.edu

Previous Leadership

Year 2012-2013 Year 2011-2012
Amin Ronaghi Amin Ronaghi
Dara Rouholiman Yalda Yekta
Bardia Keyoumarsi Ranna Khorram
Neda Ronaghi Dara Rouholiman
Nassim Tabrizi Bardia Keyoumarsi
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