Tabby Davoodi Lecture: Welcome to America

Persian New Year Poster

Tabby Davoodi was born in the Islamic Republic of Iran shortly after the Iranian Revolution. Her childhood in Iran was deeply affected by the dangerous regime change that brought Ayatollah Khomeini to power and the missile raids ordered by Saddam Hussein against Tabby's home city during the Iran-Iraq War. Tabby's family eventually escaped to the United Stats during the height of tension between Iran and the West. Her personal stories, photographs and reflections will shed light on one of the most important countries in the world today, revealing why events in Iran are important to the life of every American.

When: Tuesday, April 16th, 7:00 pm
Where: UCSC Engineering 2, Room 192

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Persian New Year Celebration

Persian New Year Poster

Dear Friends,

Please join us on March 30th and celebrate the arrival of spring and the Persian New Year. This event will be held in Santa Cruz at Pacific Cultural Center. Please see flyer for more information and visit to reserve your seats.

When: Saturday, March 30th, 7:30 pm
Where: Pacific Cultural Center, 1307 Seabright Ave, Santa Cruz CA

Chahar Shanbeh Soori 2013

A Separation movie poster

Salam Bar Hamegi!
Eide Norouz is coming up, and that means so is Chaharshanbeh Soori!
We would like to invite you all to our early annual Chaharshanbeh Souri the Friday before finals week this year.

Please join us for food, atish and vasati, volleyball ya football gol-koochik at Seabright Beach in Santa Cruz this upcoming Friday.

It looks like the weather will be in the 70's this Friday, and if weather permits we'll have the event at the beach.

This is a potluck, so if everyone could post what they are planning on bringing it would be great!

We are going to celebrate this years Chaharshanbeh Souri a bit earlier than the official date this year, due to many people's final schedule on Tuesday.

If people cannot find rides down to Seabright beach please message Amin and he will give you a ride up/down, or find you someone else who can!

Hope to see you all there and feel free to bring your friends! :)
When: Friday, March 15th, 5:00 - 7:00 pm
Where: Seabright Beach, Santa Cruz, CA 95060

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Chahar Shanbeh Soori 2012

A Separation movie poster

Eide Norouz is coming up, and that means so is Chaharshanbeh Soori!

I hope everyone is excited to join us on our day on the beach, with food, games and fire. This will be a pot-luck, so please bring whatever you think will be good!

This year, we thought we would host this event in a house, after school on Tuesday. We will have fire to jump over, as well as a chance for everyone to meet and greet!

Let's hope for good and excellent beach weather!

When: Tuesday, March 13th, 7:00 - 9:00 pm
Where: 667 Nobel Dr, Santa Cruz, CA 95060 (Maps)

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Movie Night Friday, March 9th, 6:30 pm at the Nickelodeon Theatre
A Seperation جدایی نادر از سیمین

A Separation movie poster

Hi Everyone!
We have decided to go watch the Academy-Award winning Persian film "A Separation" by director Asghar Farhadi this Friday. The movie starts at 6:50 pm but we will be meeting at 6:30 pm in front of the theatre before the movie starts.

Tickets will be $10 dollars. Also, feel free to bring any friends you think would enjoy this movie!

Hope to see you all on Friday!

When: Friday, March 9th, 6:30 - 8:30 pm
Where: Nickelodeon Theatre, 210 Lincoln St, Santa Cruz, CA 95060-4351

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